The Branding Guys – About Us


Your brand, and the investment you make in it, is what can and will set you apart in competitive markets.  A key component of your brand development and positioning is having the right mix of merchandise and the right branding on the merchandise.


That is where The Branding Guys come in.


Great to have a fantastic website like we do, however what sets us apart is our consultative approach where we meet and talk through the branding requirements you have, and the product and service value we can add.


We offer transparency in our pricing to you in that we quote you the price of the items and the cost of branding separately, so you know what you are paying for.  And, we don’t put a margin on branding – we charge you our cost price!


We check everything before sending it to you.  Repack the items and include Whittakers chocolates.  A personalised approach to how you, your team, and/or your clients receive their items.